Retirement>Retirement Calculators
....provides pension estimates based on the purchase of a life annuity from the Capital Pension Plan's Retirement Annuity Fund. This calculator is designed to operate with Internet Explorer 4.0 or higher. You may experience difficulties if you are using a different browser.
Variable Benefit Calculator....
....provides potential scenarios based on the purchase of a Variable Benefit from the Capital Pension Plan. (this calculator also functions as a P-RRIF/RRIF calculator).
Canada Revenue Agency Payroll Deduction Calculator.....
.....provides 'after tax' calculations for periodic payments. This calculator is provided by the Canada Revenue Agency and is based on current tax tables.
Retirement Savings Calculator....
....provides estimated retirement savings in the future, based on the savings parametres you enter. You can enter different scenarios and see the impact on your potential savings.
Retirement Planner
....this retirement planning calculator provided for your convenience only. The Capital Pension Plan encourages all Plan members to seek the assistance of a financial professional when making retirement decisions.
Canadian Retirement Income Calculator (Government of Canada)....
.....this is an external retirement income calculator provided for your convenience only. The Capital Pension Plan makes no claims regarding the accuracy and/or validity of the calculations provided.

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