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By registering, logging into and/or using the Capital MemberWEB, you agree to accept the following terms, conditions and limitations outlined in this User Agreement. You assume full responsibility for any risk of loss of any nature whatsoever resulting from your use of this site. Web accounts are NOT activated until the registration process is initiated.

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This agreement is subject to change without notice to you. We recommend that you review this User Agreement regularly.

The Capital Pension Plan may utilize third party service agents to provide certain tools and/or other programs, some of which may be located on a third party server. While accessing certain areas of this site, you may be directed to these third party servers. Access to these servers are subject to all terms and conditions found in this User Agreement.

The content of this site is provided for noncommercial, personal and informational purposes only and is subject to modification without notice to you. While information posted on this site is believed to be reliable and accurate at the time of posting, the Capital Pension Plan does not guarantee, represent or warrant that the information contained in this site is accurate, complete, reliable, verified or error-free for any purpose.

The use and content of this site is governed by applicable laws for the Province of Saskatchewan and the laws of Canada. The site is for general information purposes only and is not designed to provide you with any personalized financial, legal, tax or other professional advice.

Web accounts are NOT activated until the registration process is initiated. If you DO NOT agree with the terms and conditions in this document, PLEASE DO NOT REGISTER FOR THE Capital MemberWEB.

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Internet Security

Once your web account is activated, your personal data is sent over the Internet in an encrypted format using secure Web servers and appropriate firewalls, with the intent to protect the data from access by others.

Encryption is the standard security method used by web browsers when transmitting or viewing personal information via the Internet. Encryption is a method of coding information so that it cannot be interpreted if it happens to be intercepted by a third party while it is transmitted over the Internet. You will connect to the secure areas of this site with either a 256-bit or a 128 bit encryption, depending on which type of encryption is supported by your browser. As well, secure areas of this site are protected by Verisign Digital certificates (based on public key cryptography), which are designed to safeguard the authenticity of the site and the integrity of the information exchanged.

A "firewall" is a specially configured gateway that is set up between the outside world and the servers and is designed to prevent hackers and other unauthorized entities from breaking into the servers. Firewalls have been installed to protect the web servers from break-ins and site vandalism. All traffic to the servers must pass through the firewall, where the security software either permits authorized access or denies unauthorized access.

However, regardless of the protective measures implemented, no one can guarantee the complete safety of data transmitted via the Internet. The Capital Pension Plan, the Board, the site developer and the site host make no promises that this protection is invincible. It may be possible for someone to decipher the encryption, or a server may fail to properly encrypt the data. The possibility of a breach in confidentiality in all exchanges over the Internet is a risk all users must assume.

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Email Security

The security of email communication cannot be guaranteed. The email you receive from the Capital Pension Plan DOES NOT contain ALL of the information required to complete the registration process and log into your web account AND you are required to change the temporary password provided in the email immediately to complete the registration process.

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Your Responsibility

You have an important role to play to ensure your information is kept safe:

  • before using the Capital MemberWEB, review the user agreement and Privacy Policy;
  • Ensure that your User ID and password are kept confidential, DO NOT SHARE this information with anyone;
  • DO NOT select a password that would be obvious to guess (e.g. 12345 or password). Passwords should contain a minimum of six (6) characters, with a combination of upper and lower case letters. You may also use numbers, the period (.), comma (,), colon (:) and semicolon(;) in your password;
  • take precautions that no one can see your login information as you log into the web application;
  • It is strongly recommended that you memorize your login information. If you must document this information on paper, store it in a safe place;
  • change your password periodically. YOUR PASSWORD DOES NOT EXPIRE;
  • do not leave your computer or other web browser device unattended while logged in. Log out of the website when you leave, even for a short period of time;
  • Email is not encrypted. As soon as you receive your email containing your temporary password, log into the Capital MemberWEB to complete the registration process and immediately change your password.

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Privacy Policy

The Capital Pension Plan is committed to respecting the privacy and confidentiality of information collected and maintained by the Plan, in accordance with the Plan's Protection of Confidential Information and Privacy Policy (complete policy available upon request) and applicable laws.

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Web Registration Process

To register for the Capital MemberWEB, you are required to provide a number of pieces of personal information (e.g. your Member ID Number, name and birth date). This information is used to authenticate your identity and verify your eligibility to access information via the web application.

Once your identity is authenticated and your eligibility confirmed, you will be required to provide a valid email address that you can access. A temporary password will be emailed to this address within 24 to 48 hours (usually sooner) or initiating the registration process.

Your email address will be retained. In the event you forget your password, a new temporary password will be sent to the email address on file with the Plan. Therefore, a valid email address MUST be maintained with the Plan.

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Forgot Your Password Process


If you forget your password, you are required to re-authenticate your identity through the "Forgot Your Password" process. A new temporary password will be sent to the EMAIL ADDRESS ON FILE WITH THE PLAN. If this address is no longer valid, you must contact the Plan during normal business hours to provide your current email address. Then you must complete the "Forgot Your Password" process to re-authenticate your identity and receive a new temporary password. Once you receive the new temporary password, you are required to log into the Capital MemberWEB and change this password immediately.

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"Cookies" are small bits of data that are stored by your browser when you go to websites. These small data files contain information that the site can use to track your visit. When you log into the Capital MemberWEB, a "session cookie" is written to your browser to track that particular visit to the Capital MemberWEB. The cookie is deleted as soon as you log out of the web application.

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Logging Web Traffic

The Capital Pension Plan collects some limited information about your connection to the Capital MemberWEB application. Your computer's IP address (which is your numerical address on the Internet) is collected by the server's weblogs. All problem activity is always logged by the server's firewalls and intrusion detection systems.

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No Warranties

The Capital Pension Plan, its Officers, Directors, Employers, Service Providers or Agents provide the Capital MemberWEB service on an "as is, as available" basis and do not make any express or implied warranties, representations, endorsements or conditions with respect to the site, Capital MemberWEB service or any content available using the service, including without limitation, warranties, as to merchentability, peration, non-infringement, usefulness, completeness, accuracy, currentness, reliability or fitness for a particular purpose.

Intellectual Property

The site, the Capital MemberWEB service and all content available using the service shall be and remain exclusively owned by the Capital Pension Plan, and its licensors. You cannot modify, copy, distribute, transmit, display, perform, reproduce, publish, license, create derivative works from, transfer or sell any content, software, products or services obtained using the site or the Capital MemberWEB service except as specifically authorized herein.

No Liability

Under no circumstances shall Capital Pension Plan and its Officers, Directors, Employees, Service Provider or Agents be liable to you or any third party for:

  • any direct damages (except direct damages arising from the willful misconduct of Capital Pension Plan to an aggregate maximum for all claims of $50); or
  • any indirect, special or consequential damages whatsoever including loss of profits, loss of business opportunities or economic loss.

that result in any way from access or use of the site, the Capital MemberWEB service or any content.

The limitations and exclusions of liability described in this document shall apply regardless of whether the cause of action is in contract (including without limitation, breach of a fundamental term), tort (including without limitation, negligence) or any other legal doctrine.

Saskatchewan Courts

You agree to exclusively attorn to the courts of the Province of Saskatchewan, Canada with respect to any issue or dispute to these terms and conditions, the site, the Capital MemberWEB service or any content.

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This site is provided as a service to members of the Capital Pension Plan. It provides general information about the Plan and its operation. Information contained in this site does not replace or supersede legislation governing the Plan or the Plan document. While every effort is made to ensure the validity of the information, should any discrepancy occur between the information contained in this site and applicable governing legislation and/or policies, the terms in the governing legislation and/or policies will prevail. This site may not fully address your personal circumstances. Privacy Policy

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